Advanced Professional Chef Course (550 hours)

With this course students receive 150 hours in our development kitchen, where our qualified chef trainer will cover basic knowledge as well as advanced techniques, which will cover every subject of our training program in ­depth.

After this part of the course is completed, students come away with the practical skills of a working member within a professional kitchen. This prepares them for the next part of the course: 400 hours in the kitchen of one of our restaurant partners. Students have a chance to pick two of our partners in order to benefit from a full formation of different chefs, offering different styles and even different kinds of cooking techniques. This really is the ultimate professional training program!


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Start Date: 2 april 2017 -End Date: 28 sptember 2018


Start Date: 3 september 2017 - End Date: 29 february 2017

Location: Senigallia
Duration: 550 hours / six months
Fee:  13.500,00 a year  

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