Professional Chef Course - Italian cuisine (360 hours)

This course has been designed for those students who want to become professional chefs in Italian cuisine. The main objective is to educate them directly in the kitchen.

During the first 120 hours, students will learn new skills and improve them, starting from basic technique to more advanced ones. The program involves all the aspects of traditional Italian cuisine, including innovative techniques.

The second 240-hour-part occurs in the kitchen in one of the partner restaurants. There students are given the opportunity to broaden their horizons, putting particular attention on nutritional aspects, taste perception, and presentation. This course is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen one’s desire of becoming a successful Italian cuisine chef.


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Start Date: 2 april 2017 -End Date: 28 june 2018


Start Date: 3 septemer 2017 - End Date: 29 November 2017

Location: Senigallia
Duration: 360 hours / 3 months
Fees: € 8.900,00

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