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Maintenance Service

All the best hotels have behind a maintenance and gardening service and both efficient and prepared. Many schools teach students for a specific sector, but this is insufficient to be able to get in a hotel maintenance team and be able to offer a good level of professionality.In our course you will cover all the necessary actions to be able to maintain in perfect condition all the systems. From the hydraulic to electric, from gardening to the care of the pool and to finish, the maintenance processes and sanitation of a SPA. It is a very practical course and aimed at those who want to open up a real specialization at 360° in the maintenance of large installations.

The International Hospitality Academy has the great advantage to be born inside an active hotel and this allows students to be able to carry on real systems and working practical activities. Even gardening activities are done around the campus, where they have nearly two hectares of gardens, hedges, tall trees and artificial lakes. If you love a job that is constantly changing and where you are never static,this is your best choice.

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