Front Office

The Receptionist service now internationally known as Front Office, is one of the Hospitality business's pillars. The first contact to the customer takes place at the front desk, where not only the receptionist's smile and attitude represent the company,but by the ability to create with the client that first important approach it can determine the customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction itself. In the hospitality industry, in fact, we all know that the first contact with the customer is essential, therefore there are capacities and skills that should be known and  developed not only with an excellent training but also with passion and experience.

It's clear then, that responsibilities are numerous and require knowledge and a personality that by working together with maximum efficiency, make the receptionist an indispensable figure. The three-month course of Front Office at The International Hospitality Academy, will provide you with an educational training both theoretical and practical essential to acquire  all the necessary skills to be a brilliant and professional receptionist. 

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Start Date: 2 april 2017 -End Date: 28 june 2018


Start Date: 3 septemer 2017 - End Date: 29 November 2017

Location: Senigallia
Duration: 360 hours / 3 months
Fee:  8.900,00

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