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Il Bar

The 12 meter bar is equipped with all the necessary tools for the education and its training. 

Our students will understand that a good barman non only know all the cocktails by hearth, but also has a good technique in actually making them. A good barman is also able to make his bar a profitable section with satisfied and loyal clients.  

In class students will learn all the preparation techniques, the necessary equipment and they will also deepen all the food principles linked to the servings of our lab and they will prepare for one of the most emphatic activities in this sector. 


Restaurant floor

Sala Ristorante


Students enrolled in the catering courses will do practical activities during banquets and gala enjoying a room among the largest of the Marche.

The TIHA's main hall can accomodate up to 500 people,it is the ideal stage for the debut in the catering reality.

All practical activities in the workshops, contributes to complete with the theoretical lessons, the knowledge and skills that will help to prepare the student for the live training outside the structure.

The student will be as it,already professionally ready for the training activities that will allow him to secure a job's opportunity.


La Reception


All the Front and Back Office information will be given in class. These information are then put into practice in our labs, which in our case are real job sections like the front desk where students will be followed by real professionals. 

Just like in every other case, all the activities are alternated with real practice so the students can face one topic at a time and then actually test it. 


Our Kitchen

La Cucina
La Cucina La Cucina
La Cucina
La Cucina La Cucina
La Cucina
La Cucina La Cucina

The International Hospitality Academy's kitchen is a modern kitchen that offers its students a state of the art environment, where they can practise and create a range of classical dishes to learning the most up to date cooking techniques. In this professional learning environment, students will get a chance to develop and learn skills which will come in handy in their future careers.

The kitchen is fully equipped in order to offer the students all the space and the tools required to practise within a safe environment. Whilst following a structured and complete training program.

Students will get to know and understand what is required to be a chef, learning systems of operation and safety procedures, both in the use of equipments and behavioural patterns of the team and the art of combining both in a fast paced environment.  



I piani

All our students alternate between hours of classroom theory with hours of practice made in our laboratories.

The big difference between The International Hospitality Academy and the rest of the traditional academies, is that our laboratories are the real hotels departments operated by THIA.

So you will have the great fortune to learn directly in the work area and be ready for the live training that will follow. In the plans you will see the maids working plans and with the help of the teacher will begin to take the first steps toward cleaning techniques.

You will learn to manage a floor office, a stock of linen, shifts the laundry. We will learn how to set the job cart how to control the quality of a room or a common area.



The International Hospitality Academy srl unipersonale

is proud to open the door and welcome the new students of today that will be the best professionals of tomorrow.

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