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Our Classrooms

The International Hospitality Academy's classes are professional environments, equipped with all amenities and tools to ensure quality learning.

Our school has diversified learning environments so that you can arrange different classes simultaneously according to the topic.

We have 8 classrooms for up to 15 people who are engaged alongside theory. Students will move within and outside the campus accompanied by the College's staff in order to attend classes during daily programmes.

Other three rooms respectively for 60, 80 and 100 people, are however used for formal meetings, for in-depth courses related to the territory for a period of 1 up to 2 days.

While giving, our Academy, a lot of importance to the practical aspect is not neglected the classroom climate, that is constantly monitored with questionnaires and interviews.

The teachers are selected by assessing their cultural preparation and experience gained in the field, to guarantee fast and effective learning.


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The International Hospitality Academy

is proud to open the door and welcome the new students of today as the best professionals of tomorrow.

Contact Us

The International Hospitality Academy

Strada Provinciale St. Angelo 155

60019 Senigallia (Ancona)

Phone: +39 071 960 5610