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From The Chef Academy ’s experience, born the International Hospitality Academy with only one aim: create the best professionals in the Hospitality Business.

Who we are

Professional Cooking Courses

Our Advanced Course is the best way to become a professional Chef. After atteining the Diploma, the students will have open doors to employments!

Cooking Courses

Leader of your department

Our aim is to create LEADERS. Professional people that can motivate and lead their team to success.

Specialised Courses

Our Schools

The International Hospitality Academy it’s been founded in London, we have a venue in London and New York.

Our Schools

Every journey start with a single step

If you looking forward to start working in the Hospitality but you don’t have the required experiences:Enrol Now to our courses.
We can offer one for each department. It will be your first step to become a Leader.

Short Courses

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If you want to give a twist to your career , investing in your future and your capacities, The International Hospitality Academy can offer you the course you were looking for. Contact us now, don’t loose the chance to get in the next course!

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Hotel Management Course

This training course will open to you the doors to the Hospitality Management in every Hotel structure around the world.

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Cooking CoursesRestaurant CoursesRestaurant Courses

"Welcome to The International Hospitality Academy!"

"The best hospitality schools in Senigallia with a selection of culinary programmes and intensive hospitality courses with live on the job training."

Carta Qualità

The International Hospitality Academy

Our Academy was founded in 2007. We opened our first school in the UK, located in central London. Our aim is to train our students to become professional chefs and managers in leading businesses around the world.

The most important aspect and why we believe we teach in the most effective form, is that you are learning from the professionals in a professional environment.

We offer an effective practical training scheme that gives our students all the tools and skills to start a career as a professional chef or manager. During the course you will be training in one of our hotel /restaurants partner,with one of our chef and management trainers. You will be experiencing working in a live professional hotels and restaurants and getting an inside view of the business. You will deal with every aspect of a chef and management routine. You will be learning all the techniques required to start working right away.

We are the only school that offers this kind of training and this is the reason that our students have such a high success rate.

Take a look of our training courses, and contact us in order to have more information.

You will receive HCCP certificate, and your Diploma from The International Hospitality Academy is Internationally certified fro Marche's Region. You will confidently work in any kitchen or hotel, having all the skills you'll need to be an active member of the team.

At The International Hospitality Academy, we want only the best for our students. At the end of the course a member of our team will help you to find the right job for you, planning job interviews.

The International Hospitality Academy is Internationally recognise and accredited from Marche's Region.


Services for the Students

The International Hospitality Academy of Senigallia, is accredited by Marche Region which is an Italian government body providing accreditation services for independent, further and higher education colleges. The accreditation is a tool to helps students and parents make a more informed choice and will also help a school, college, university, training provider or distance education provider, demonstrate to the international student body that they are a high quality institution.

Over the past few years the demand for training to become a professionals in the Hospitality sector has never been higher. Training in a city like Senigallia is great advantage thanks to the presence of many Restaurant and Hotels offering multiple training opportunities for student coming from everywhere around the world. Professionals training abroad  expands your personal horizons, develops your independence and enlarges your circle of international friends, moreover give you the experience you need to begin your professional career at every differ level. However, before making a decision, consider the following:

Why Study in Senigallia

International Hospitality Academy of Senigallia is based in the heart of Marche's region, you will have the opportunity to train inside some of the most famous Restaurants and hotels.

Will my qualifications be recognised?

International Hospitality Academy of Senigallia will issue a diploma upon successful completion of the course.

How much are the tuition fees

The tuition fees differ depending on the course. Please refer to individual courses for further details.

How do I apply for courses with the International Hospitality Academy?

Once you have decided on a course of study, you can submit an application (application form) form which can be downloaded from the website or you can request one directly from us.

When should I apply?

If you require a Visa, we recommend you begin your application as soon as possible. Obtain the VISA can take long time and it depends from the country which is issued. This will vary from one country to another so please check with one of our team about availability and enrolment requirements. 

Visa for students and visitors

International Hospitality Academy of Senigallia offer courses which length is up to 2 years,we will therefore provide you  with all the necessary documents to allow you to apply for the required Visa. The process will be explained from a member of our international team ,once you have confirmed which course you wish to attend and for which date.For more informations about VISA please check the website: Visa for Italy.

Other aspects to consider?

English language requirement: A good knowledge of English written and verbal is essential. 

Italian language requirement: The International Hospitality Academy offer Italian Lessons to promote cultural exchange inside and outside the school.

Financial requirements: Do ensure you have the funds available to not only pay the full fees but also the living costs required during the duration of your course.

Accommodations: The International Hospitality Academy's Campus offer accommodations which can be booked in advance. For more informations please go to: Accomodations. However you can find and accommodation of your choice anywhere independently.

Insurance: We recommend that you take out insurance for yourself whilst you are here.

For further information, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who we are

Not surprisingly, Chef Academy chose Senigallia for his new Italian headquarters, being one of the cities of Italy that most represents the tourist’s liveliness, the beauty and the variety of the territory. In the heart of the coast of the Marche region, this wonderful place famous for its "velvet beach" is a tourist landmark and a cultural centre of great importance.

Senigallia is the perfect place, where students are surrounded from an area of artistic wealth, and where food and art are taught directly where the raw ingredients are grown and cultivated in the tradition. In this region many products are among the most famous "Made in Italy" that are exported all over the world, as the white truffle of Sant'Angelo, the Campofilone's Maccaroncini, and thousands of other goodness.

The Marches boast in over wines, oils and cheeses produced by local business that are the symbol of the wealth of the land and the passion in the production of high quality products'. We therefore decided to bring here our school, and our innovative training program thanks to the many requests made to us by both the tour operators by the students.Our school is proudly ready to open his doors to all students who wish to become the best chef in the world.

We offer a unique system of education that has made us famous in England, in America and that we are importing in many other countries, not only in Europe but also in the Middle East and China.

Tailored courses, practical and effective that focus not only on teaching the basic techniques of cooking, but also convey the meaning of what it means to be a chef working in a professional kitchen. Assimilate their knowledge and learn their secrets will allow students to step into the restaurant business with the features and the confidence necessary to become a professional chef.

The International Hospitality Academy was born from the belief that the best way to learn this art is by been taught by professionals in a professional environment and that there is no' best way of practical one.

Not surprisingly,The International Hospitality Academy boasts as restaurant partners some of the most famous restaurants in the local area.

After completing the first part of the training in our development kitchen, our students will have the opportunity to learn from the best chefs, even those starry, all in their kitchens, but always following our educational programs.

The huge advantage of being formed in this way it’s the practical skills that are already acquired from that experience, that many other graduates lacking when it comes to finding a job.

After completing the course, the student will have all the theoretical and practical tools to work immediately in one of the best professional kitchens.

Our great advantages are our practical laboratories, which are real working departments in a hotel structure, and no one  can offer you the same training environments!

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The International Hospitality Academy srl unipersonale

is proud to open the door and welcome the new students of today that will be the best professionals of tomorrow.

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