The course in Hotel Management: the experience of a lifetime summarized in two years of intense emotions

At the age of nine, I decided that I would do this job!

One day in a restaurant, a waiter filleted me a sole serving it with only extra virgin olive oil and a few drops of lemon.

What fascinated me so much, was that attention, that love to create something so special from the perfect combination of such simple elements.

When we decided to create a Hotel Management course we wondered what was the path to follow. Many academies and universities some very popular in Europe but especially in the US, are running Hotel Management courses so why not. Studying the modules, however, we understood that what we wanted to do, it does not exist yet. 

There is who can boast a wonderful career, lived between the tables and the restaurant kitchens to become Area Manager of a large chain of restaurants in London. I have gained my experience in various hotels, I built two and managed five.

I have been put in charge of creating the modules of this course along my career.

A real manager does not come directly from university’s benches.

You build it step by step, through the experience gained while passing into the many departments of a hotel.

So, that is how we developed our own Hotel Management Course.

Our students in the span of two years will pass through all departments of the hotel. They will operate in them and grow in the knowledge of what happens in each department.

The effectives of the hotel management, is given by the harmonious and effective collaboration of many people who manage and do their work optimally in each department. The course in Hotel Management teaches our students how to coordinate these minds and move in unison to the many arms.

A hotel manager is like a conductor. His skills are all about knowing how to make his orchestra -made up of many different instruments- in a way that every concert is a resounding success!

At The International Hospitality Academy, we have developed an exceptional Hotel Management Course, deeply rooted in the hotel and in its many departments filled with fantastic staff.

I wish to thank my father, that give me the opportunity to work in every hotel’s department, washing plates, peeling potatoes, portioning enormous fishes, serving important wines. Until I could finally concentrate myself to my greatest passion: the reception and all departments of front and back office.

Special thanks to Mr. Vittorio Molinari who has collaborated with me in perfecting the Hotel Management Course and before that to improve my profession as an entrepreneur. We will have the great honor to have him as a teacher in our courses.

I hope with all my heart that the Hotel Management Course at TIHA can transform the dreams of many people in life projects of great success. Our industry needs motivated and prepared young people capable of carrying out a new conception of management in this industry.

Today's youth are the future of entrepreneurship and we are investing all into them, to be successful!