3 Months Course for Housekeeping: the training course that will open 'the doors to the world of work!

Who more than others, but at least if only for once in your life, we all have had the experience of being a guest in a hotel room, B&B or Agritourism.

So, what are the details that first catches your eye when you enter a hotel room?

Surely if it is neat and clean. If the environment there 'smell good or not. If the bathroom is nice and clean and there are towels.

Each of us has different expectations, the fact is that a hospitality 'structure must ensure a basic standard of high quality' in order to compete on the market.

Not only that, but also to offer customers a comfortable stay and a maximum quality service, The person responsible to ensure that standard is the housekeeper, professional worker who is still not enough considered.

It is the person who takes care not only that the room in which we are guests make us feel at ease and provide enough clean and impeccable order, it is a person who has a deep respect for his work and does so with attention to every little detail to make us enjoy a pleasant experience.

As many mistakenly think, the housekeeper’s duty is only to cleaning the rooms, the floors and the reorganization in general.

You were completely wrong, for this reason the housekeeper, to acquire all of its responsibilities must have the right preparation.

A preparationa that only a housekeeping course can give.

The functions of a ruler are many among them, the control and management of the laundry room and linen. The quality control 'of the interior in the rooms and in the various areas of the hospitality structure. Without neglecting one of the most important, as the internal security service to the room and the care of guests' privacy.
Many will 'happen to have left a personal item forgotten somewhere. Is the housekeeper responsible to make sure that the object is declared as soon as possible in order to be returned, or that the owner is notified promptly.

The housekeeper is an essential operator in a hospitality' structure, a professional point of reference.

It requires personal discipline, attention to details, passion in their work, confidentiality, accountability and honesty.

That's why must have the right knowledge and training to be able to excel in this profession.

The housekeeper is also a job that in which you nedd to account some risks.

Being in contact with the dirty laundry, personal effects, and other items that were used by people outside, can cause the risk to get in physical contact with contaminated or hazardous objects (broken glass), body fluids.

The housekeeper, has the responsibility to ensure complete hygiene of the environment, but to secure his own safety by always using gloves and disinfectants.

You now have a more expanded vision of why 'the figure of the housekeeper is essential in a catering and hospitality environment.

During the 3 months Housekeeping course at our Academy, you will receive all the theoretical knowledge that will allow you to then put into practice your skills and abilities in the various departments of the hotel.

You will learn what it means to be "multitasking" and "quality control".

You will truly discover what is behind this job figure!

At the end of the 3 months Housekeeping course at TIHA, you'll be able to confidently and professionally juggle in every area of the hotel.

The 3 months Housekeeping course will open you the doors to work in the hospitality industry anywhere in the world.