Bar and Restaurant Course: The New Trend!

Coming up through the ranks, we have spent many of our years bouncing from one department to another. This has taught us that there is no department more important than another. Each department is important it its own right and the optimal management of each one is why the whole structure works in harmony, offering a standard only of the highest quality. The ultimate goal of each department is to satisfy the customer.

The Chef for example, is a very important figure in a hotel or catering environment, but none the less so is the waiter serving the tables or the bartender making drinks for the customers at the bar.

Very entertaining, are the myriad of TV shows where the Chef is considered the superstar of the moment. I‘m convinced that sooner or later someone will ask: who brings to the table those works of art?

This is where our Bar & Restaurant Courses or Front of House Courses come in to play.

But you may ask: why should I enrol in the Bar & Restaurant Course?

To enrol in a course is a very important decision.

Personally, I would enrol right away, because in my nature there is nothing more rewarding then the relationship with the customer and having the pleasure of serving at the table not only food but art!

A good Chef needs a good waiter, who knows how to present the dishes. Someone who can describe the ingredients and the cooking techniques within ease. Who knows how to bring out the uniqueness of that dish, introducing it to the customer with a presentation worthy of the job and the passion of those who carefully prepared it.

Among professionals it creates such an ‘understanding and develop a partnership that goes beyond professionalism. The perfect timing of the dishes in the time of release, the knowledge to be able to recommend a wine to match with that dish, the presentation, the care of every detail in the service, all in order to: excite the senses.’

Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

Television has empathy with the Chef’ figure, forcing them to catch up, get in line with the times and new methods. The same trend has not occurred in the Bar&Restaurant departments, where still reigns great approximation and where too often we find hardworking people, rounding the salary without any real knowledge or commitment to what they are doing.

This destroys and undervalues the work of those who with passion and love for this job, is working hard to give the customer the ultimate culinary experience.

That's why we designed the Bar & Restaurant Course and that's why we called them Front of House Courses.

Soon and inevitably professionals will awake their consciences, and restaurant owners will realize how important it is to invest in the "first contact staff." Soon all will understand that "enjoy your meal" is not just a way of saying, but it’s an emotion’s invitation, of those who put in front of yours eyes, a journey of flavours and aromas.

In our Bar & Restaurant Courses we aim to turn you, into a true professional of the restaurant industry and we do it by giving you the whole theoretical basic knowledge and a huge amount of practice.

Within the 3 months’ Bar & Restaurant Course, you will also receive notions of oenology drawn, in whole, from the first level of AIS.

If you enjoy contact with the public, if you want to get into the restaurant world with the preparation that will allow you to immediate entry into the sector, this is the course for you.