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Hospitality and Restaurant Management course

Hospitality and Restaurant  Management course

Hospitality and Restaurant  Management course

We can offer different courses programmes. We are going to introduce to you our new hospitality Management concept.

Our Hospitality and Restaurant Management course, is designed to give you the knowledge and the skills you will need to work in a professional environment, as in the catering as in the hotel management.

To become one of the best is the aim of all our students. In order to rich that level you would be needed to be single minded, and ready for some hard work. You will need to learn all the skills and the basic knowledge about the catering and hotel management sector.

Holding a Diploma from The International Hospitality Academy, mean that you had acquired all the skills and knowledge to work professionally in the Catering and Hotel Management sector.

The course held for 6 months, and the final assessment awarded at the end of the course in catering and hospitality management, is obtained from the chef/tutor’s evaluation. This is based from: attendance rates, lever of knowledge, and the attitude that the candidate had demonstrated during the course, towards the profession. 

Deciding to work in the catering and hospitality sector, must be a choice dictated from the passion for this job, and the gratification’s in enjoying working for the people and with the people. To allow them to live a unique positive experience every time. This element is important to grow a positive attitude toward the learning process, and to assimilate the formations concept that tutors and teacher will transmit, about working in the catering and hospitality field. 

The Hospitality and Restaurant  Management course will be developed following two paths:

Restaurant Management Programme

In this module will be developed all the fundamental knowledge about this establishment in the company. You will be learning about the business in reference, it’s customers and the appropriated marketing analysis on products/services, teamwork, the labour, and the financial side.

Hotel Management Programme

In this module will be introduced, all the departments that are included in a hotel. You will be taught about each of them, and you will learn how to operate each and all of them, in order to guarantee the best service.

Next to this two module you will have the more specialized “micro areas”, that twill implement your knowledge about::

  • Food Science
  • Intermediate Cooking
  • Wine Master Classes
  • Intermediated Pastry

The strength point of our teaching’s methods is the “hand on” principal. You will be trained in the field in a practical way.

At the end of the course you will be required to produce a business plan based on the knowledge gained during the course.

Living inside our Academy, you will be able to experience in practical all the principals that you are learning about during your course.

This is your chance to get involved in giving life to your passion!

The International Hospitality Academy srl unipersonale

is proud to open the door and welcome the new students of today that will be the best professionals of tomorrow.

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