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Choose your right career: Professional Chef Diploma

Diploma chef professionale

Do you want a new career? Take your Professional Chef Diploma

The High School Exams are now over, after a summer of holiday and relax, for many will come the usual questions: what now? University? Finding for a job?

The International Hospitality Academy is the answer to all your questions.

Our Academy will give you the chance to develop your career in the catering sector providing you with an Internationally recognized Diploma.

If you always have been passionate about food and cooking, the right path for you is to become a Professional Chef. In order to become a successful Professional Chef, your main ingredient must be the passion for this job. If you decide to make this job your life’s career, just be interested is not enough, to choose this path, passion and determination must lead.

Working in a professional kitchen, mean make sacrifices and work hard. You may will think” it’s too hard”, or “I can’t do it”, but this is the moment where you realize that giving the best that you have and persevere in achieving your goal will allow you to build a successful professional career.

Our Professional Chef Diploma will give you all the basic knowledge to allow you to get closer to the word of a professional kitchen environment..

Abbiamo organizzato un corso per chef professionale che si sviluppa con una parte iniziale teorica per poi avviare una formazione pratica all'interno delle cucine professionali dei nostri partner con chef professionisti stellati che saranno il vostro punto di riferimento  per tutto il training.

We organised a Professional Chef Course, which develop from a theory start of the course, to a practical training programme inside the kitchen the best restaurants, with professional chefs that will be your Landmark during the training period.

The chance to be trained from professional chefs in professional environments, in the best restaurant in Italy, is what makes our training techniques the best in the world.

Traditional cooking techniques next to the modern and most advanced, advices and tricks of the trade, are the perfect recipe.

Working side by side to a professional that will also expose you what is a real passion for this job, and the determination to achieve the top level.

To The International Hospitality Academy is extremely important that all students that aspire to become a Professional Chef, not only get the knowledge needed, moreover they must have the passion and the creativity, which are also crucial ingredients to long for a Michelin Star level.

The International Hospitality Academy Diploma is only the first step to a successful career,your determination to reach your goal will do the rest!




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is proud to open the door and welcome the new students of today that will be the best professionals of tomorrow.

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