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How to become a chef

Often, when a wannabe chef faces this new world, he is told that attending a culinary school is not how you are going to learn this job, because the best way is to practice. That is exactly what we think, too and our academy is based on this concept. The academy is located inside an amazing hotel in Senigallia – Finis Africae, and this gives the possibility to students to interact with the real hospitality and restaurant world ever since day one.

Our two step education system, guarantees students the chance to learn from real professionals on the field. Once the first educational step has been completed, each student will in fact choose one of our restaurant partners where the there is a chance to put into practice all the student learnt, and work through the various sections in the kitchen, being followed by the chefs.

For the future of one’s career though, it is important to have different mentors to learn different techniques from and eventually create one’s own decisive style.

Being chef also involves being disciplined. A chef is a leader, an aspiration but also a teacher.

Our academy offers professional cooking courses among which: Profession Chef Course – Italian Cuisine, Professional Chef Course, Michelin Starred Chef Course, Advanced Professional Chef Course.

A job like this is full of responsibility, it takes lots of sacrifices but it also gives many satisfactions. Usually, a chef creates the menu, he checks the freshness of all the ingredients, he keeps good relationships with suppliers, he cooks, and checks the presentation, but first of all the chef is what keeps the restaurant going because he needs to make sure that the dishes are offered, do not have much waist and that they are profitable, always keeping in mind clients’ satisfaction.

A restaurant is in fact just another business.

The International Hospitality Academy srl unipersonale

is proud to open the door and welcome the new students of today that will be the best professionals of tomorrow.

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