How to become a Pastry Chef

Pastry is branch of culinary arts focusing on pastries and sweets preparation. We can say that the art of pastry is pretty recent as it developed throughout the centuries, and the sweet taste came from different ingredients, always more sophisticated. The way we know pastry now is purely European-style and it was considered to be exclusive by our ancestors.
Pastry is very much linked to chemistry because it requires precise ratios among various ingredients even though lots of variations can be made or for the rising timings for doughs. Unlike other sections in a kitchen, the pasty sections tends to be calmer and requires a good attention to details.
Today, pastry chefs are well valued and sought-after because a specific education is required concerning pastry arts.
Those who choose this career need to know what they are going for. As every cook, even the job of a pastry chef is very hard. It takes long working hours, and availability to work from dawn, flexibility and precision.

A pastry chef’s salary depends on many factors that can be years of experience, preparation, studies and certificates, awards but also the type of establishment where you choose to work.
Said so, with the right recognition, it can become a pretty competitive salary especially if you manage to establish your own style on the market and find your niche.
The International Hospitality of Senigallia offers, among many, a Professional Pastry and Confectionery Course composed of 840 hours which will start in January, where students will face 5 modules: preparation, small pastry, mousse, sugar, chocolate, decoration, and so on.