How to reduce waste in a pofessional kitchen

One of the major costs inside a professional kitchen is brought from raw material: food! Especially if waste is not managed smartly. According to a research done by the United States Department of Agriculture, food waste inside a restaurant can reach 40% of the total supply. It is sad thinking that there is such a big difference between countries who don’t receive enough food and some other simply waste it, unfortunately though, not all business choose to be sustainable and responsible on the matter. Actually, there are very few steps to make and few other habits to introduce on a daily basis. Obviously, you have to start with recycling, so that you can clearly separate your organic waste.

To reduce the waste percentage, you need to come up with something new, a new system or a dish made out of less prestigious parts of your ingredients, maybe by simply inserting a new dish on the daily menu. Your creativity will be tested, and who knows? Maybe one day you’ll come up with a delicious dish!


All teacher of The International Hospitality Academy are real professionals who know how to value their raw materials. Food waste, if not managed properly, can be of major influence to the business overall budgeting, and therefore on your profit. Remember: behind each and every produce, there are people who put a lot of love in its production, cultivation and transportation, therefore give it the value they deserve.