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The course in Hotel Management: the experience of a lifetime summarized in two years of intense emotions

At the age of nine, I decided that I would do this job!

One day in a restaurant, a waiter filleted me a sole serving it with only extra virgin olive oil and a few drops of lemon.

What fascinated me so much, was that attention, that love to create something so special from the perfect combination of such simple elements.

When we decided to create a Hotel Management course we wondered what was the path to follow. Many academies and universities some very popular in Europe but especially in the US, are running Hotel Management courses so why not. Studying the modules, however, we understood that what we wanted to do, it does not exist yet. 

There is who can boast a wonderful career, lived between the tables and the restaurant kitchens to become Area Manager of a large chain of restaurants in London. I have gained my experience in various hotels, I built two and managed five.

I have been put in charge of creating the modules of this course along my career.

A real manager does not come directly from university’s benches.

You build it step by step, through the experience gained while passing into the many departments of a hotel.

So, that is how we developed our own Hotel Management Course.

Our students in the span of two years will pass through all departments of the hotel. They will operate in them and grow in the knowledge of what happens in each department.

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3 Months Course for Housekeeping: the training course that will open 'the doors to the world of work!

Who more than others, but at least if only for once in your life, we all have had the experience of being a guest in a hotel room, B&B or Agritourism.

So, what are the details that first catches your eye when you enter a hotel room?

Surely if it is neat and clean. If the environment there 'smell good or not. If the bathroom is nice and clean and there are towels.

Each of us has different expectations, the fact is that a hospitality 'structure must ensure a basic standard of high quality' in order to compete on the market.

Not only that, but also to offer customers a comfortable stay and a maximum quality service, The person responsible to ensure that standard is the housekeeper, professional worker who is still not enough considered.

It is the person who takes care not only that the room in which we are guests make us feel at ease and provide enough clean and impeccable order, it is a person who has a deep respect for his work and does so with attention to every little detail to make us enjoy a pleasant experience.

As many mistakenly think, the housekeeper’s duty is only to cleaning the rooms, the floors and the reorganization in general.

You were completely wrong, for this reason the housekeeper, to acquire all of its responsibilities must have the right preparation.

A preparationa that only a housekeeping course can give.

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Do you want to know where to start? With the Hotel Management Course

In 2006 I left the family structure because it was time to challenge myself about, and to get out of that "bell jar" around you, where your father is keeping avoiding you making mistakes or taking action to fix them.

I accepted the job of directing the construction of a hotel from scratch. I had to follow all activities related the  plannning , furnishings, personnel selection, analysis and positioning of the product in the market and last but not least: the start up.

So I would really served our course of Hotel Management!

I was very young and enthusiasm exceeded the sense of responsibility.

I arrived with the belief that soon we would have opened. In fact the building had a roof made and nothing else. It was yet to be done.

The owner is a builder who was building the hotel with the goal of putting "the cerry on the cake". Unfortunately there are many people that dispite having disposable income, come into this business without any real experience and not knowing where to start. Unfortunately there are many,which from a mistaken belief, they end up paying the economical conzeguenze.

If you have the financial ability to buy a hotel, before investing your money in the purchase, it is best to spend it to make a preventive market research.

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Bar and Restaurant Course: The New Trend!

Coming up through the ranks, we have spent many of our years bouncing from one department to another. This has taught us that there is no department more important than another. Each department is important it its own right and the optimal management of each one is why the whole structure works in harmony, offering a standard only of the highest quality. The ultimate goal of each department is to satisfy the customer.

The Chef for example, is a very important figure in a hotel or catering environment, but none the less so is the waiter serving the tables or the bartender making drinks for the customers at the bar.

Very entertaining, are the myriad of TV shows where the Chef is considered the superstar of the moment. I‘m convinced that sooner or later someone will ask: who brings to the table those works of art?

This is where our Bar & Restaurant Courses or Front of House Courses come in to play.

But you may ask: why should I enrol in the Bar & Restaurant Course?

To enrol in a course is a very important decision.

Personally, I would enrol right away, because in my nature there is nothing more rewarding then the relationship with the customer and having the pleasure of serving at the table not only food but art!

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The Steps for a successful and effective training



Working in the Hospitality sector, in order to offer the highest service quality, is necessary to have both skills and knowledge. All details are important. It required to be able to carry out all the duties and working in a professional TEAM.

At The International Hospitality Academy, we strongly believe that the training we are providing to our student is the best in the word.

The proof are the results that all our students are achieving. The learning environment we provide and the quality of trainee and tutor, allow student to gain the theoretical knowledge and all the practical skills they will need to work in a professional environment, everywhere in the hospitality sector.

Let’s give you some example of the steps which student are going to go through during their training from theory to practice.









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Italian Hospitality Courses in Senigallia: The International Hospitality Academy

Hospitality Courses in SenigalliaItalian Hospitality Courses for the first time in Senigallia.

We are pleased to introduce you to The International Hospitality Academy, the hotel and catering school that will allow you to specialize in the hospitality industry.

The International Hospitality Academy of Senigallia aim is to structure courses, which will teach you in details in all the hotel’s departments. Among the pillars of our academy we have, Michelin Star Chef Course, Professional Chef Course, Professional Advanced Chef Course and Professional Course for Chef Italian Cuisine.

The International Hospitality Academy in Senigallia, is one of the new venues of Chef Academy of London, internationally known with his headquarter in the heart of London. Since 2007 is the leader in providing professional training courses in the catering sector. Internationally recognized, has decided today to open a new venue in Italy, choosing the Marche’s regions as one of the most enriched with tradition and cultural elements.

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Hospitality and Restaurant Management course

Hospitality and Restaurant  Management course

Hospitality and Restaurant  Management course

We can offer different courses programmes. We are going to introduce to you our new hospitality Management concept.

Our Hospitality and Restaurant Management course, is designed to give you the knowledge and the skills you will need to work in a professional environment, as in the catering as in the hotel management.

To become one of the best is the aim of all our students. In order to rich that level you would be needed to be single minded, and ready for some hard work. You will need to learn all the skills and the basic knowledge about the catering and hotel management sector.

Holding a Diploma from The International Hospitality Academy, mean that you had acquired all the skills and knowledge to work professionally in the Catering and Hotel Management sector.

The course held for 6 months, and the final assessment awarded at the end of the course in catering and hospitality management, is obtained from the chef/tutor’s evaluation. This is based from: attendance rates, lever of knowledge, and the attitude that the candidate had demonstrated during the course, towards the profession. 

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How to become a professional Chef

Come diventare uno chef professionale

Do you want to become a professional Chef?

The International Hospitality Academy offers training courses for professional Chef in Italy.

Our aim is to train the future professional Chef in Italy.  We already introduced our courses and the training techniques we are famous for, but why should you be trained from our Academy? And mostly: are you ready to become a Professional Chef?

Why should you choose the training courses our Academy offers, in order to become a successful Professional Chef in Italy?
We had explained the fundamental contents of our courses, so now we wish to give you an understanding of what is needed to build a successful career as a Professional Chef.

Who is a Professional Chef?
He Is the person that has decided to give all to work in a kitchen, which desire is to experiment, prepare, and create to give people the pleasure of a great culinary experience. We asked ourselves, how we can transmit this passion to our students, which is can initially be manifested as an “enjoyment in cooking” or a “curiosity in experimenting with food”, but it’s not enough.

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Professional chef course in Senigallia

Corso di Chef Professionale a Senigallia

Il punto di forza nella nostra formazione sono i corsi di cucina che al loro interno si sviluppano in diversi sotto-corsi tutti orientati a mettere le basi per la carriera futura dei nostri Chef professionali.

The International Hospitality Academy offre per la prima volta  a Senigallia un percorso completo nell'ambito dei corsi di cucina professionale tenuti da professionisti del settore che inseriranno i nostri studenti  nel mondo delle cucine professionali.

Tra i principali corsi, fondamentale per mettere le basi per una carriera stellata, c'è il Corso di chef professionale. Il corso è composto da 325 ore, una parte delle quali sarà tenuta nei nostri laboratori didattici, e le restanti presso una cucina professionale con uno chef professionale, che inserirà ciascun candidato all'interno delle attività quotidiane della cucina.

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Choose your right career: Professional Chef Diploma

Diploma chef professionale

Do you want a new career? Take your Professional Chef Diploma

The High School Exams are now over, after a summer of holiday and relax, for many will come the usual questions: what now? University? Finding for a job?

The International Hospitality Academy is the answer to all your questions.

Our Academy will give you the chance to develop your career in the catering sector providing you with an Internationally recognized Diploma.

If you always have been passionate about food and cooking, the right path for you is to become a Professional Chef. In order to become a successful Professional Chef, your main ingredient must be the passion for this job. If you decide to make this job your life’s career, just be interested is not enough, to choose this path, passion and determination must lead.

Working in a professional kitchen, mean make sacrifices and work hard. You may will think” it’s too hard”, or “I can’t do it”, but this is the moment where you realize that giving the best that you have and persevere in achieving your goal will allow you to build a successful professional career.

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How to become a chef

Often, when a wannabe chef faces this new world, he is told that attending a culinary school is not how you are going to learn this job, because the best way is to practice. That is exactly what we think, too and our academy is based on this concept. The academy is located inside an amazing hotel in Senigallia – Finis Africae, and this gives the possibility to students to interact with the real hospitality and restaurant world ever since day one.

Our two step education system, guarantees students the chance to learn from real professionals on the field. Once the first educational step has been completed, each student will in fact choose one of our restaurant partners where the there is a chance to put into practice all the student learnt, and work through the various sections in the kitchen, being followed by the chefs.

For the future of one’s career though, it is important to have different mentors to learn different techniques from and eventually create one’s own decisive style.

Being chef also involves being disciplined. A chef is a leader, an aspiration but also a teacher.

Our academy offers professional cooking courses among which: Profession Chef Course – Italian Cuisine, Professional Chef Course, Michelin Starred Chef Course, Advanced Professional Chef Course.

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How to become a Hotel Manager

Tourism is one of the most profitable industries in Italy. According to ENIT, in 2015 there were 1,186 billion international tourists with a 4,6% increase since the preceding year. It goes without saying that the hotel and restaurant business go hand in hand: people who travel want to get closer to local customs and that often happens through food.
A hotel can be more important to some and less to others, however, there are still certain standards to be followed such as hygiene and organization. A hotel manager is a role of big responsibility. To become a hotel manager, one needs to start pretty early: studying hospitality management and get lots of experience and never stop being curious on global trends. One of the most difficult things is, in fact, retain clients, that is make sure clients always come back happy and satisfied.
Such a figure needs to have a broad and detailed preparation. The International Hospitality Academy of Senigallia offers a 2 years course to fully prepare you for such an important role.

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How to become a Pastry Chef

Pastry is branch of culinary arts focusing on pastries and sweets preparation. We can say that the art of pastry is pretty recent as it developed throughout the centuries, and the sweet taste came from different ingredients, always more sophisticated. The way we know pastry now is purely European-style and it was considered to be exclusive by our ancestors.
Pastry is very much linked to chemistry because it requires precise ratios among various ingredients even though lots of variations can be made or for the rising timings for doughs. Unlike other sections in a kitchen, the pasty sections tends to be calmer and requires a good attention to details.
Today, pastry chefs are well valued and sought-after because a specific education is required concerning pastry arts.
Those who choose this career need to know what they are going for. As every cook, even the job of a pastry chef is very hard. It takes long working hours, and availability to work from dawn, flexibility and precision.

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How to reduce waste in a pofessional kitchen

One of the major costs inside a professional kitchen is brought from raw material: food! Especially if waste is not managed smartly. According to a research done by the United States Department of Agriculture, food waste inside a restaurant can reach 40% of the total supply. It is sad thinking that there is such a big difference between countries who don’t receive enough food and some other simply waste it, unfortunately though, not all business choose to be sustainable and responsible on the matter. Actually, there are very few steps to make and few other habits to introduce on a daily basis. Obviously, you have to start with recycling, so that you can clearly separate your organic waste.

To reduce the waste percentage, you need to come up with something new, a new system or a dish made out of less prestigious parts of your ingredients, maybe by simply inserting a new dish on the daily menu. Your creativity will be tested, and who knows? Maybe one day you’ll come up with a delicious dish!

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